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How to Market Your Movie With ZERO Budget (06/06/2019)
   How would I market a movie on no budget I got asked this question on Quora, and it got me ...

Integral Desk: the Standing Desk Made by a Geek and an Artist (02/05/2019)
   Enough with the IKEA mentality I live frugally. I dont need much stuff. I dont need high quality objects because ...

Confessions of an Entertainment Marketing Consultant (22/02/2019)
   A quick FAQ about stuff that consultants know and do, that maybe you would like to learn. Why should I ...

02018 My Year in Review (14/01/2019)
   If this is your first time reading my yearly review: welcome. If you already enjoyed my honest look back on ...

SVOD Marketing: 5 Concepts That Can Propel Entertainment into the 21st Century (10/12/2018)
   The entertainment sector is facing the advancement of Netflix and Amazon today, and Disney+ tomorrow. HBO is already offering its ...

Film Marketing: is Hollywood Using Social Media Effectively? (23/11/2018)
   The love/hate relationship between the entertainment industry and social media. With what you can learn from the studios, and what ...

All the Software You Need to Create Your Own Subscription Video On Demand Service (20/11/2018)
   When it comes to creating your own Netflix-like SVOD service these 11 great video platforms can help. In this post: ...

My Summer Road Trip to Motorheaven: Discovering Epic Cars, Manufacturing Titans and Living Legends (18/09/2018)
   This post is the summary of over 5,000 km, 300+ liters of high grade gasoline and countless beautiful views. And ...

Open Data Entertainment: the Best Data Sets Related to Cinema and TV (21/06/2018)
   Data on Entertainment Even though Hollywood may seem so glittery from the outside, on the inside its an industry like ...

Entertainment Marketing Plan Template: Don?t Start From Scratch (27/03/2018)
   Movie Marketing Made Easy Drafting a marketing strategy is hard. There are hundreds of different aspects that need to function ...

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