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One office is not enough (09/08/2017)
   Last week I had the chance to get a tour of Netflixs new headquarters in Amsterdam. They just moved into ...

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn?t Create an Online Course ? From a Reformed Course Creator (24/04/2017)
   My presentation training business has closed its doors. Shut. Forever. My foray into the online course business lasted 2 years. ...

2016 My year in review (09/01/2017)
   In 2014 I started a tradition. I began openly reviewing my year, analysing, in the most candid way possible, 5 ...

The 6 lessons on entrepreneurship I learned losing 22.092,22 euros on my first startup (06/12/2016)
   Puoi leggere questo articolo in italiano sul mio blog Intro: Im not dumb. Im just like you. I lost ...

Social Hollywood: how social media changed showbiz forever (21/06/2016)
   How did social media, in the matter of less than 10 years, manage to get indissolubly bound not only to ...

2015 My Year in Review (24/12/2015)
   In 2014 I wrote a transparent and honest review of my year for everyone to read. I always wanted it ...

A naming trick that every freelancer should know (08/12/2015)
   Freelancers deal with rejection all the time. Their ideas are debated, evaluated and  more often than not  refused. ...

An unexpected social trick I learned running out of business cards at the worst time (03/11/2015)
   Shit happens. I was on the eve of an important conference. I had spend good money, out of my own ...

Micro-preneurs, Super-powers (16/09/2015)
   Sorry Elon, see ya Sergey, bye Zuck: the real super heroes of the startup world are micropreneurs. The startup world ...

How to make your presentations truly memorable (11/06/2015)
   What do you want to achieve when youre presenting Surely you want to be heard and understood. But whats the ...

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