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In-Person Team Building Events During And After Covid (27/01/2022)
   By Tommaso Lana and Matteo Cassese Social and emotional learning is at the core of a modern, equitable and inclusive ...

02021 My Year In Review (06/01/2022)
   02021 has been a surprisingly great year for me, one of the best of my life. Until they learn about ...

My Coming Out Matters To You (12/10/2021)
   I came out as gay for the first time in 1991 to my best friends in Rome, Italy, when I ...

How to Start a Presentation: Engage your Audience from the First Slide to the Last (09/04/2021)
   Ive been there: your presentation is due soon.  Probably your boss is awaiting an update on an important project. Maybe ...

Marketing Audit ? The Definitive Guide (includes how-to and example template) (26/02/2021)
   I will concentrate specifically on digital marketing audits and tell you everything I know. A marketing audit is a great ...

The Truth About Presentation & Public Speaking Coaching (15/01/2021)
   Today, I want to take you behind the scenes, behind the closed doors where executive presentation and public speaking coaching ...

02020 My Year In Review (28/12/2020)
   Every year since 02014, I've published an honest and public review of the year. A certain degree of fear is ...

Open Training: How To Teach and Learn Anything Together With Your Clients (25/11/2020)
   Open Training is a way to deliver training experiences for my clients, creating personalized training just for them. In this ...

Customized Training: How My Customers Taught Me To Stop Shouting (07/10/2020)
   The trait most likely to bring you success in marketing is listening. Lucky me... My customers heard: "Matteo is open ...

20 Virtual Presentation Tips in Under 7 Minutes (24/08/2020)
   Zoom-fatigue: spending time communicating in front of screens can be stressful. But it gets easier the more you feel confident, ...

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